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    Full Service Hotel & Liquor Store, BC (300km from Vancouver)


    The business has been an integral part of the food, beverage and accommodation industry in this community since it opened for business in 1941. The business has been in the same family since 1971 and the second-generation owners who have owned the business since 1995 now wish to move on to other opportunities.
    The business currently offers 10 boutique rooms to clients. The rooms are all different, are very comfortable and are decorated with period furniture and local antiques. The rooms are exceptionally well cared for with cleanliness being their hall mark. A new owner could easily add additional rooms inside the hotel. There is a small but very profitable retail liquor store which is located just off the lobby. The owners have incorporated a small convenience store into the liquor store area which is well patronized. The on–site restaurant has been leased to the same operator since 1997 and is well regarded in town. The small pub completes the amenities.
    The hotel building is very solid, and is well maintained. The building is ideally located on Main Street at the entrance to town. Access to the business is excellent. The business has a long history of profitability which could be enhanced. The current owners are active in the business on a part time basis and have very experienced, well trained staff for all positions. Owners who are active in the business could easily reduce labour costs
    significantly. If you are considering a profitable hotel purchase where all of the heavy work is done and with room to grow you should consider this Hotel!

    More Information

    • Land Size: Lots 7- 9 180’ x120’
    • Property Taxes: 2017 – $31,887
    • Water/Sewer: 2017 – $14,211 of which $5,850 is recovered from a restaurant lease.
    • Hotel: The building appears to be in good condition with no deferred maintenance readily evident. It was originally built in 1941 with restaurant added in the late 1950’s, and the larger kitchen in 1972. Major renovations were done in 2003. Frame construction with crawl space (there is a basement under approximately 1/5 of the building). Predominantly asphalt roof replaced at three different times; oldest portion is circa 18 years old. The main portion is 8-12 years old. Electric furnace with heat pump for the liquor store. All rooms have in wall PTEC units (Friedrich). Building is partially protected by sprinkler system. Main floor consists of lobby, liquor store, large commercial kitchen, storage, café, and pub. Rental rooms are upstairs. There was an underground storage tank for fuel oil which was removed when the oil furnace was removed. There was no evidence of leakage. Removal date is not known.
    • Zoning: C 1 Commercial Zone- refer attached
    • Sewer: Municipal
    • Water: Municipal
    • Heat: Electric throughout
    • Electrical: 600 amp 3 phase
    • Hot Water: Electric – 3 tanks
    • Business:
      There is a total of 10 guest rooms available for rent all of which are located on the second floor of the building with access from an elegant staircase from the lobby. The rooms are all quite unique with period furniture. They are exceptionally clean and well cared for. There is an area on the second floor where there were an additional 5 rooms. This area is now used for storage and a small shop. The area could be renovated to 3 comfortable guest rooms. Room revenue has shown consistent growth over the years.
    • Basic room descriptions are as follows:
      Room #4- double bed with tub/shower
      Room #5- double with fridge and tub
      Room #8- double bed with shower
      Room #10 – 2 double beds with tub, shower, fridge/ microwave
      Room #12 – double bed with hide bed, tub, shower, and fridge
      Room #14 – 2 double beds with shower
      Room#22 – 2 double bed with tub and shower
      Room #23 – double bed with tub and shower
      Room #24 – double bed with tub and shower
      Room #25 – double bed with 2 twins and shower
    • The liquor store is located just off the main lobby with the checkout being at the main hotel desk. There is also a small convenience store in this area. The liquor store is small but very functional. Chilled product is available with a storage cooler directly behind the store. Deliveries are received at the back of the hotel through a large overhead door.
    • The restaurant is about 2,800 sq. ft. and has been leased to the same family since 1997. The tenants pay $2,500 per month plus hydro, water sewer and garbage (total of $4,375 per month). There is a large commercial kitchen with a grill and full fire suppression. There is an area for dry storage, a walk-in cooler and a walk-in freezer. It is located just off the lobby and is an integral part of the business.
    • Hours:
      Liquor Store – 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM daily
      Restaurant – 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM daily (until 9:00 PM seasonally)
      Pub – 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM daily
    • Front Desk: The existing owners man the front desk 24 hours per day. As the front desk services the liquor store it is necessary to man the front desk until at least 11:00 PM. There is the capability of gating off that portion of the lobby which would eliminate staffing the front desk overnight. The owners have installed a security gate
    • Capacity: Pub Seating Capacity per liquor license is 165
    • Staff:
      The business operates with 6 full time and 6-part time staff. The business is currently owned by a couple who are residents in town. One family member works in the business on a very limited part time basis. The other person has not been active in the business on a daily basis for many years. As a result, they hire staff to operate virtually all facets of the business. The owners also have some long-term employees who are not integral to operate the business. For example, there is a full-time maintenance man at approximately $40,000 per year. New owners who are active in the business will be able to reduce labour costs.
    • Parking: On site, paved lot located behind the building. There is also street parking in front.
    • Included Items:
      Extensive list of restaurant equipment and pub equipment
      All furnishings in rooms
      Extensive list of small kitchen equipment
      All laundry equipment and furnishings
      Note: A detailed list will be provided to a buyer

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